Configure Webmail In Android Gmail App

In this guide we show you how you can configure your webmail account in Gmail with POP3. You just need to setup your domain’s email address as a POP3 and SMTP account in your Gmail account. Gmail can be used as an email client.

Step by Step Configuration

1. Open Gmail app in your mobile.

2. Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner  – Settings

3. Tap  – Add account

4. Tap – Other

Configure Webmail In Android Gmail

5. Enter your full email address and tap Next

6. Select Personal (POP3)

7. Enter your webmail Password and tap Next

8. Under the Incoming Mail Server add the following- Host

9. Under Outgoing Mail Server, add the following – Host Name:

10. Account Sync Frequency select any one option – a. Every 15 minutes b. Every 30 minutes or c. Every hour

11. Tap NextFinsh

Congratulations! You have now configured your webmail in Gmail.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the above information with us. This blog has so much content that we needed for proper guidance of setup webmail in my mobile.

  2. This is actually very informative. Thanks for sharing this info

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