Frequently Asked Questions


The timescale will depend on many factors, once we have all the content (write-up text and images), it should take 1-2 weeks for us to design and build a small scale website of 5-10 pages.

If big website all the content (write-up text and images) are ready, then it should take 5 weeks or more.

The most time consuming phase of any web project is collecting and writing the content.

Copy Another Site just don’t do this. As tempting as this may be, it’s not a good idea and you may be penalized.

Yes! All of the Registration Information Customer provided to Techmighty is true, complete and accurate, and, during the Term of this Agreement, Customer agrees to notify any such changes to Techmighty within three (3) days by email.

You can review the layout, format and color schemes of your preferred design, we’ll complete up to 3 rounds of major revisions at no charge excluding adding additional pages. All minor revisions like spelling error’s, address/contacts changes, photo changes are provided at no charge.

After free maintenance ended, we will charge for selected packages or customize package each and every minor changes or updating INR 500 charge will be applicable. Per new pages and custom form pages with/without database add in the website are extra chargeable INR 1000.

You can choose our annual maintenance charge (AMC) contracts that are very cost-effective. TechMighty charges in yearly AMC fee of 15 percent to 45 percent (15%-45%) the total cost of project last invoice for more details go Website Maintenance Page.

If minor changes will be made through e-mail or phone it will be done and take the changes effect within 12 hours.

If big changes like adding extra pages, layout changes, color schemes it will take time more than 24 hours to 36 hours depends on required changes.

All the changes made will be notified by mail or SMS and you might need to clear cache if your using a cache plugins to see your updates.

At the time of beginning work for small projects, We get 40% of the estimated fee must be provided by the client, with the remaining payment due upon completion or live on of the project.

For Big projects like CMS, E-Commerce, Web Developments are charged 50% at the time of beginning of projects. We will provide a demo before the live after completion of project remaining payment must done before live.

Yes, we can! Give details of your purpose, we will write-up for your contents and also design your logo applicable in selective plans.

Increased renewal cost : Once the domain is deleted, the redemption cost increases by over 600%.

Loss of control : After expiry, the domain can be registered by anyone and is extremely difficult to retrieve.

Loss of business : Your domain will stop resolving after the expiry date thus affecting your business negatively.

Impact on associated services : Once the domain is deactivated, all associated services like email/hosting will also stop functioning.

Yes, your website hosting package comes with webmail accounts. We will help you figure out the best way to handle processing your business emails, whether it’s setting up new accounts, or forwarding your emails to your current address.

The administrator only can reset the password of the users in cases where the user has forgotten the password for the webmail account, please contact our support team via email and send us request at The administrator generate your temporary password, after login in webmail you can change your own password.

You can write to our concern team through e-mail 24X7. Click here to find e-mail details.

You can make a call at +91-7903276908 to get instantly support, timing 8.00 AM TO 8.00 PM

You can use our Blog for some commonly asked technical questions and answers for websites.

Of Course! Yes. When you reach full bandwidth or space you can upgrade your package at any time. Upgrades won’t affect the availability of your website. You just have to pay difference amount & on the selected or customized package.

An account can be suspended if TechMighty has been notified that you are currently involving in Malware or Phishing Attacks.

Committing or Promoting any type of illegal activity including fraud, mailbombing, storing and/or housing and/or linking to illegal content, including “warez”, “hacking”/”cracking”/”key generators” and copyright materials.

The Services to traffic in illegal drugs, arms, gambling and/or obscene materials.

Use of ad-servers, attempts to circumvent quota system owned by ‘nobody’, certain podcasting or video sites, use of torrent software, proxies, excessive resource usage or ‘core dumping’.

Distribution of any webpage, photo, voice, video, contact no., link, text etc.. or site that contains any Nudity, Pornography or other sexually-explicit material by email or website.

That hate propaganda or material that encourages or promotes illegal activity, ransomware or violence.

You will treat any and all consumer information gathered for customer or transmitted to customer via your use of the services.

Attempts to circumvent any of our security policies, procedures or systems.

By subscribing to our newsletter you agree to receive email from us. The subscription to our newsletter service is not mandatory.

You will receive free information about promotional alerts, special offers, greetings wishes, and domain renewal alerts.

We will not sell your email and/or any personal details to any third party service.

You are free to unsubscribe anytime from our newsletter service by choosing “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of all our email newsletters or simply reply to this email with the word “unsubscribe” in the subject line. Your request to opt out must be honored within 24 hours.

Web Services : 50% cancelation fee when in progress, non-refundable once completed.
Domain Registration : Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds on domain registration once it is registered or renewed.
Hosting Services : If a Hosting Service has already been performed, then it is non-refundable.
SEO Services : You can cancel SEO Services at any time and we will not bill you for future months. However, you will not be refunded the cost of the present or past months since the service has already been performed.

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds on purchased SSL Certificates over the domain.

You can make payment through Cheque Deposit in our Bank Accounts / Bank Transfer / Direct Net Banking / Credit Card / Debit Card and UPI. Click here for Payment. We do not accept Cash.

Of Course! we do. We have a cheap plan for an existing design, if all the contents are available. We also need for your domain rights and control panel or hosting panels (FTP).

Yes! your website is responsive and it will open in any device like Laptop, Desktop PC, Tablets, Mobile in any operating system. Its supported across all famous OS platforms like Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android, iPhone OS, Bada, BlackBerry OS, Symbian OS, webOS etc..

TechMighty has experience working with lots of different types of businesses and organizations. Some of the types of businesses our website company has worked with include: School / College, Medical / Hospital / Healthcare, Non Profits Organization, Hotel / Restaurants, Mechanical, Industrial, e-Commerce Portal, Local Directory, Property / Real Estate Portal, Security Agencies, Consulting, Beauty Bar Salon & Spa, Dating, Personal, Political, Community, Nursery Plants, Tourism, Automobile and much more! While we have experience with all those types of businesses if you are in the same field or a new industry to us, your website will be unique to what you do and who you are. Click here to see our client list.

We are specialists in HTML5/XHTML, CSS3, Javascript, PHP-Laravel, WordPress, MYSQL, E-Commerce, ERP, Forum, CMS, Blogs and many others. We follow all the latest updated technology time to time what latest trend going on. We are using open-source (or available to use for free) softwares.

DNS Propagation When you update the nameservers for a domain, It is the time it takes for the domain DNS to refresh the cache on the network. Propagation is the process where your new name server (DNS) information is spread to all the computers in the world. Until propagation is complete, your domain and emails will not work consistently.

When a domain is newly registered, the nameservers are changed, or DNS changes are made, you can expect a propagation time up to 24 hours to 48 hours. This is because it takes time for the DNS to take effect across the internet. The actual time of propagation may vary in some locations based on your network setup.

Error Code : “To access the interface, you must install the license and ensure that the license is active”

Error Code : “Softaculous License Inactive”

Solution : Whenever License Expiry, just let us know, and it will be fixed at our end only.

Ip is blocked Whenever there is login failure for 3 Times in row in cPAnel or FTP or webmail. After ip is blocked, none of the content like Webmail / cPanel / FTP etc… can be accessed from our server on that ip.


Solution : Please provide your IP Address, by searching in google “my IP” format ex.( So, Whenever Ip is blocked, just let us know, and it will be fixed at our end only.