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Indian Trading Wizard was founded in 2018 with the goal of helping traders on global platform, by providing them top-notch trade ideas and education this is an educational website which helps new traders, investors to explore market, creating leveraging recent social media innovations to provide real time, actionable trading information to subscribers. The business grew quickly, adding a day trading chat room, email alerts program, and a host of educational content. The site continued to innovate, adding text alerts, a swing trading service, and a chat room with audio and video streaming.

Learn LIVE through us from experienced traders the skills and knowledge to become a winning trader, PRICE ACTION STRATEGIES and CASINO TRADING is our key style of trading. Many more like these to make you a good trader you simply need to join! Stop guessing your way through the market and start trading!

Whenever we place a trade we focus mainly on these factors which are risk management, accuracy, time! Trading without proper knowledge, setup is equivalent to adding money to fire you should know when to enter market as because it depends on volume too!! I have not discussed much here about my setup which we are using or any such stuff for that you need to buy the course. By trading the stock, option you could be financially independent and can live your dream life.